Steven Tong

Steven Tong is an independent curator and the co-director of CSAspace, a small self-funded project space in Vancouver, with Christopher Brayshaw, Adam Harrison and Steffanie Ling. He has worked for years in the arts within both the commercial and non-profit environments in various capacities. He worked as a gallery assistant at Art Beatus, a commercial gallery with a focus on contemporary Chinese art, before moving on to Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, as well as the grunt gallery as a part of its archival team. He also sits on Vancouver’s Public Art Committee. Working and volunteering in Vancouver’s artist-run community led him to start his own project spaces, the first of which was 69pender, a studio/project space in the heart of Chinatown that he co-directed with Sally Lee. After 69pender shut its doors, he enjoyed a brief moment of sanity before being asked to embark on the creation of CSAspace, which has been active on Vancouver’s Eastside for over a decade.

Watch the conversation from Panel 2 moderated by Steven