Farrah-Marie Miranda

Farrah-Marie Miranda is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist, educator and consultant.  Her socially engaged artworks emphasize the power of ordinary people to enact  change. Positing borders as both real and imagined; she draws attention to the in/visible fences that crisscross geographies. Active in No One Is Illegal movements for over a decade, Farrah-Marie has contributed to campaigns to stop deportations and ensure access to essential services for migrants with precarious status.

In 2013, Farrah-Marie conceived of, and co-directed Mass Arrival, a critically acclaimed performance, installation and new media project that intervenes in the discourse of illegality surrounding migrant boat arrivals to Canada. Since its opening at Toronto’s Whippersnapper Gallery, the project has been invited to exhibit locally, nationally and internationally.

Reviews of Farrah-Marie’s work have been featured in publications such as Canadian Theatre Review, Canadian Art Magazine, the Toronto Star, the Torontoist, FUSE Magazine, and THIS Magazine. As a Master of Environmental Studies Candidate at York University, her current research grapples with the pedagogical possibilities of art in undoing border violence.

Twitter: @farrah_miranda

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